Monday, October 26, 2015

Particles Behaving Strangely

Particle Behaviour video:
1.  Clothes dry at different rates and take different amounts of time depending on the temperature and the place, in a room, there is not so much wind that would make the particles of the water in the clothes move and start drying so the particles are in a cold state, they are close together but still moving. When the little air that there is in the room starts flowing through the clothing the particles move more and more and it dries up.
2. If you have a water bottle in the Arctic and you start boiling the water, there is a much higher pressure because the particles in the air are very close together and are moving slowly so the particles inside the water are moving faster and faster in the bottle, the particles can't have enough space to move around in the air while it is being boiled and it starts converting into a gas so it would take longer. In this picture below the water is being boiled in a higher temperature and you can see that there is almost no gas coming out of the water.
3.  When something is being heated up for example a pie,  particles of the pie are going to start moving around and coming out of the pie quickly, then the wind moves those particles that start smelling and you can smell it from the distance, the reason you can't see those particles is because they are invisible and you can only see them with a professional microscope.   in this picture the women can smell the pie from some distance, the pie is hot and the particles are coming out of the pie but she can't see the particles in the air.

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