Thursday, November 12, 2015

Cyclopropane Molecule

Molecules are made by a group of two or more atoms bonded together by the Electrons that are represented by the sticks, although the amount of Electrons determine how many bonds there are in the molecule, the use of Cyclopropane is on the anesthesia that was first used in animals as an experiment and after the scientists started developing the molecule more and more with pure preparations it was started to be used in humans as a clinical use.
It is very important to learn about molecules because we can know what objects or elements have which molecules, also we can learn how to use Cyclopropane and other molecules in our favor and develop new and better medicines to keep on helping people with diseases. For example, Cyclopropane was first used on 1929 on animals as experiments, then after the molecule had more preparation it was used succesfully in humans for making surgeries so that the patient wouldn't have to suffer from the pain of the surgery. If we keep on researching and founding new uses for all of the molecules there are, the world would be a very healthy and successful place for everybody. If little kids start having an idea of what molecules are, the process would be much quicker and better, we would discover things that the whole world needs.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Making Molecules

A molecule is a group of atoms bonded together.
This are attached together because of the electrons and they form bonds.
It is very helpful to learn about them because you know what kinds of objects have which molecules and then you can manipulate them to use them in your favor. For example, Scientist could discover the way to make more clean water or, make machines stronger and create more successful medicines to help the world.
For example in this atom you can see that the little sticks make the bonds possible, the little sticks represent the bonds. So, the amount of Electrons determine the amount of bonds a Molecule can have.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Build an Atom

Monday, October 26, 2015

Particles Behaving Strangely

Particle Behaviour video:
1.  Clothes dry at different rates and take different amounts of time depending on the temperature and the place, in a room, there is not so much wind that would make the particles of the water in the clothes move and start drying so the particles are in a cold state, they are close together but still moving. When the little air that there is in the room starts flowing through the clothing the particles move more and more and it dries up.
2. If you have a water bottle in the Arctic and you start boiling the water, there is a much higher pressure because the particles in the air are very close together and are moving slowly so the particles inside the water are moving faster and faster in the bottle, the particles can't have enough space to move around in the air while it is being boiled and it starts converting into a gas so it would take longer. In this picture below the water is being boiled in a higher temperature and you can see that there is almost no gas coming out of the water.
3.  When something is being heated up for example a pie,  particles of the pie are going to start moving around and coming out of the pie quickly, then the wind moves those particles that start smelling and you can smell it from the distance, the reason you can't see those particles is because they are invisible and you can only see them with a professional microscope.   in this picture the women can smell the pie from some distance, the pie is hot and the particles are coming out of the pie but she can't see the particles in the air.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Potential & Kinetic Energy

Potential and kinetic energy are forms of energy in things that are around us and we don't even realize it. Potential and Kinetic are two types of categories but it is important to know about them all. 

There are many different forms of energy that surround us and conform the different actions every single things has. Potential and kinetic have many different forms of energy for example, Elastic, Mechanical, Sound, Heat, Electric and Chemical, and this forms of energy each have different "roles". 

One important thing to know about energy would be that you CAN'T create or destroy it, but it can be transformed for example Chemical energy can be transformed into Mechanical, Heat and light, also Mechanical can transform into gravitational or elastic, when you turn on your TV, you are using your Mechanical energy to turn on the TV and the electric energy is then being used to turn it on and it creates light energy in the screen to create the image.

There are 2 differences between potential and kinetic, Potential is energy that is being stores inside things like your body or in other things and you can choose to use it or not like a skier going down a very steep mountain and the Gravitational energy impulses him to go quicker each second. Kinetic energy is the energy that is in constant movement. When you turn on the stove it becomes fire with gas and other chemicals the chemical energy being produced there is moving and being used. 

This were a few examples about energy but it is very important to know this because if you have knowledge you know what energies are being used, for example the nuclear energy (gasoline) in the car is not using all the chemicals it has and the other chemicals are being just wasted. You could create a better gasoline or a better engine for taking advantage of all the gasolines components.